WeTokenise. Say hello to tokenisation.

No doubt to survive in rapidly changing market conditions, face challenges and thrive even in uncertain time companies are constantly looking for new opportunities. This is where WeTokenise could be a deus ex machina for those who brave enough to act as blockchain technology adoption pioneer. With WeTokenise you can source your capital from numerous smaller investors through an online platform or directly through your own website with the WeTokenise tools integrated.

Investment funds gets simplified.

The extraordinary (at first glance) ambition of replacing the current infrastructure with blockchain technology will accelerate the real estate industry into the digital era by bringing forth a global network that allows issuers to target investors globally.

New investor onboarding: AML/KYC checks

Is this kinda crowdfunding?

Blockchain technology on which WeTokenise based allows companies to issue tokens, self-executing smart contracts that handle all corporate actions. A complete and immutable transaction history holds in the blockchain throughout the lifecycle of the token.

Where we are now and what are our today’s challenges?

We offer a partnership to business owners who will act as early adopters and/or become angel investors.

We also building networking, with tech thinking companies and individuals who are interested in tokenisation or just would like to learn further, if you are one of those guys you’re more than welcome to contact us directly.

Thanks for your interest in WeTokenise, ✌️.

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Max Dmitriev WeTokenise founder.

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CEO of D+P, WeTokenise founder